The objectives of in-plant demonstration programme are to show Cambodian industries practical examples of how the concept of cleaner production can work, what are its benefits and to provide opportunities for hands-on training for our participants. The CP demonstration program consists of four combined working and training modules. Between the different training modules, the CP Team will conduct a step-by-step full CP Assessment (CPA). Besides Cleaner Production Assessment, National Experts and CP teams were provided advice on cleaner technology implementation and financial engineering by International Experts.

in-plant demonstration programme provides opportunities for On-the-job training combined with demonstration to the participants of our training courses. Selected technical staff of the companies join the training programme and apply CP in their own company with assistance from the national and international experts. In-company training is organized for the whole CP team of the company. After the programme, the technical staffs of participating companies are able to maintain the cleaner production themselves.

The programme also organizes intensive technical trainings for selected staffs of companies and work together with their CP team. During the assessment, the National Experts work with the cleaner production team members of the companies to develop cleaner production opportunities , cp options and carries out necessary measurement, analysis and monitor results.

in 2005,4 companies in Phnom Penh were selected as CP demo units for CP programme; all companies are export oriented in the garment and dyeing sector.

In 2006, six food processing companies were selected as Demo Unit for CP programme (4 companies in Phnom Penh and other 3 in three provinces), all companies are small and medium in food prodessing.