Industrial Energy Efficiency-Cambodia (IEEC)

Project component 2 - Capacity building and development of tools for implementing industrial energy efficiency

Project component 2 aims to build and strengthen technical capacity of national experts from relevant support institutions with respect to energy audit, energy benchmarking, working out energy saving potential, energy management and system optimization at the institutional, market and enterprises level through a combined classroom cum on the job training approach. As result of the expert level trainings at least a cadre of minimum 30 National Experts in industrial energy efficiency is equipped to serve Cambodian industries.
The capacity building program to be implemented by the project component 2 will consists of following stages:

  • 1st stage: Training of a group of selected professionals from pilot industries for data collection compilation to workout baseline before implementation of IEE options, gap analysis and identification and short-listing of techno-economically viable IEE options.
  • 2nd stage: Out of short listed IEE technologies the most suitable, proven and techno-economically viable projects for implementation will be selected, elaborated, and supported to be implemented by the investors with support from the project.
  • 3rd stage: Undertaking a detailed financial engineering of the selected options, with assistance from the project, to support company decision-making, vendor selection and the securing of financing for implementation.
  • 4th stage: raining of group of national professional (National Experts) from relevant institutions for all 3 stages mentioned above.

A group of 30 professionals will be provided with in-depth training and equipped with the technical capacity and tools required to:

a) develop and implement energy management systems and energy efficiency projects in industry, focusing both on thermal and electrical energy optimization;

b) provide training to industry and energy professionals and offer commercial IEE services.

This group of professionals will comprise of energy efficiency consultants and service providers, representatives of relevant Government and public institutions such as Department of Industrial/Energy Techniques, MIME, Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC), equipment vendors, and engineers and managers from enterprises. Some of these trained professionals will subsequently work as Industrial Energy Efficiency (IEE), Energy Management (EM) experts and become a source of expertise and services for the GEF-UNIDO project, National Cleaner Production Office-Cambodia as well as Cambodian enterprises.

The expert training will consists of the following steps:

Step 1 Preparation of the training program

This involves the preparation of the training material, the selection of trainees, the identification of appropriate factories for in-plant group exercises, securing approval for site visits, classroom logistics, etc.

Step 2 1st training period

International experts provide training to national trainees in classroom and on the job in pilot plants. This first period covers the tools and techniques to conduct energy audit, energy audit reporting format, development and establishment of energy management systems (EnMS) in compliance with EN16001/ ISO50001. This will include the definition of the EnMS boundaries; identification of significant energy uses; definition of the energy profile, baseline and performance indicators; development of IEE options/solutions, action plans with responsibility and operational improvement measures, and so on. During the in-plant session trainees receive “on-the-job” training on how working with enterprises’ management and personnel in getting an energy management plan started.

Step 3 Trainees apply knowledge, skills and tools provided

Trainees coming from manufacturing enterprises go back to their factories and apply the knowledge, skills and tools that have been provided with to get an energy management system and develop operational improvement measures.
Trainees coming from institutions apply knowledge, skills and tools received in other manufacturing enterprises that have agreed to participate in the program (quick scan units). During this period of time, trainees have access to international experts’ and technical advice. These trained IEE professionals in association with National Cleaner Production Office-Cambodia and energy service companies will establish a network of service providers aimed to assist companies in implementing industrial energy efficiency.