Industrial Energy Efficiency-Cambodia (IEEC)

b. While equipment components substitution can usually deliver efficiency gains of 2-5%, energy savings in excess of 20% are achieved through system optimization. However, in context of Cambodia this is not relevant as most of technology used in 5 selected sector (except garment) is obsolete and inefficient and substitution of equipment/ change in technology both hardware and software has much higher saving potential contrary to OECD countries.
c. Cambodian enterprises like other enterprises in developing countries having CP centres or CP institutions have implemented low cost/no cost energy efficiency measures in their business with attractive returns, however, low hanging fruits have a limit and it shall be clubbed together with cost involved technology related interventions.
d. Based on the data collected and the energy audits carried out during the PPG phase, consideration of possible baseline trajectory, draft report of Second National Communication prepared by MOE to UNFCCC, review of existing literature on national experiences in other countries and international best practices, it has been estimated that over the period 2012-2021 the project will be instrumental to deliver between 195,000 to 260,000 tons CO2eq of cumulative direct GHG emissions savings and 194,600 to 250,500 tons CO2eq of indirect emissions savings by 2022. Please see Additional Annex F for a detailed description of how direct and indirect GHG emission savings have been estimated.

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