After 5 years of experience as Cambodian Cleaner Production Programmes, an autonomous institution was established in 2009 named as National Cleaner Production Office-Cambodia (NCPO-C) within the framework of the UNIDO/UNEP RECP programme of National Cleaner Production Centres. As CCPP till 2009 it was supported by the Swiss Government through the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs and from 2009 onward major finances is received through implementation of bilateral and multilateral projects and majority of them are executed by UNIDO. The NCPO-C is hosted by department of Techniques Science and Technology (DTST) under Ministry of Industry & Handicraft.

The vision of NCPO-C is to become a self-financed knowledge management centre by 2015 to provide wide range of high quality RECP and related services to industries both manufacturing and service oriented, service providers, academia and governmental organisations. However, as seen in last 2 decades of NCPC establishment, globally major finances are accrued from execution of Bilateral and multilateral international projects and plan projects from National Government. In emerging economy of Cambodia, revenue generation expectation from user industry is still very low.